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First, it will provide you with many hours of fun as you try to outlive your opponents by keeping yourself as healthy as possible. You will begin the game as most people begin life; with a clean bill of health. Many twists and turns await all the players. In any event, you'll find yourself having loads of fun as you attempt to remain healthy. Secondly, it is intended to educate all players about many of the risk factors associated with heart disease and heart attacks in an attempt to help everyone minimize their risks for having these problems. It is our belief that learning is much more effective when it's fun. Although the information presented about heart disease and heart attacks is valuable information for everyone, this game is not intended to provide medical advice to anyone.The episode ends with a segment of "Between Grumps" added by Barry. While Jon is pooping, Arin begins to sing about his penis, forgeting that he is still being recorded.Much fun! Join now and have fun!


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