My Pet Protector 3

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Description My Pet III takes everything you loved from the previous two, expands on it, cuts out the chaff and introduces several new ideas and features, including Umbrellas. Train your young apprentice before sending him out to destroy huge dungeons full of evil wearing Bunny slippers and wielding a deadly War Carrot. Take him (or her) from an empty shell to a total noob or godlike hero in 6 years before facing judgement.You have six years to teach your apprentice everything there is to know about being a hero. Train him in several skills, give him jobs to pay for the training costs, and send him into dungeons that will put all of that training to the test. Through exploration, your hero will discover new dungeons, find villagers, and improve his skills. The life of a hero can be stressful, so make sure you fit in some rest and relaxation into his schedule!Join now and have fun!


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