The My Little Pony Quiz 2: Remastered

Play The My Little Pony Quiz 2: Remastered

The questions are totally random and appear to not have any basis in reality or logic. Try to memorise the answers and think outside the box to pick correctly. Sometimes the answers are obvious, but sometimes if you take a little time to think what the question is asking, you can get the right answer! Don’t forget to look for hidden power-ups and use them to help your progression. Can you master the My Little Pony Quiz?
The rules are still the same. Just get through ALL the questions without losing a life. Don't worry, there are only a few questions that are entirely different.Find out how far you can get, 3 misses and you lose. Enjoy The My Little Pony Quiz 2: Remastered!Let's try if you could answer these questions about this cartoon work, the questions are all about My Little Pony, guess you wouldn't step back, you have two chances to go wrong. Much fun! Join now and play this game!


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